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2020 Q2 NJ User Group meeting Recap

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Good Day Alteryx NJ UG Members!


We really appreciate and thank everyone who attended our 2020 Q2 NJ User Group meeting on 04/29/20. We had a great virtual meeting during this pandemic.


Special thanks to our talented speakers Hayes Williams, Data Governance Head for R&D at Daiichi-Sankyo and Andy Dé, Senior Director for Healthcare Solutions Strategy and Marketing at Alteryx.



Meeting Recap:


  • We started the virtual meeting with introduction and few announcements.


  • Hayes Williams, Data Governance Head for R&D at Daiichi-Sankyo shared his Alteryx standards document which has an outline for standardizing Alteryx usage and workflows across multiple groups across an organization.  He covered various aspects of his standards framework and looking forward to continue the conversation in our community page.


  • Followed by that Andy Dé, Senior Director for Healthcare Solutions Strategy and Marketing at Alteryx discussed his vision about “Rapidly responding to unforeseen disruption in healthcare and public health in the wake of the pandemic”. Andy discussed and presented a forward looking perspective on the implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic and showcased potential strategies that healthcare providers can leverage to respond to the pandemic and beyond from a Supply Chain Management (SCM), Finance and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Strategic and Scenario Planning as well as “Virtual Medicine” enabled by Digital Health Innovation.


Here’s the link to Andy’s slide deck:



We also uploaded Hayes’s slide deck for your review.


Follow Up


The NJ User Group is always looking for speakers who would like to share their use cases. If presenting interests you, please reply back to this thread.

Let us know the topics you'd be interested in and what you are looking forward to most from this user group.



 -NJ Alteryx User Group Leaders

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Many thanks for the opportunity to present in this session.


I would like to also point this community to my blogposts on Linked-In, as well as those published in the Alteryx INPUT Blog which have been referenced in the slides in the presentation:







I hope you find the forward looking blogposts and the strategy frameworks presented valuable in terms of informing your strategy and scenario planning in the post- Pandemic "New Normal".


I welcome your comments and feedback on the blogposts as well as on this community.


Please feel free to connect with me on Linked-In at


Stay safe and blessed!

Andy [Blog]

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Thanks so much for organizing @JudeF1!  


Everyone please feel free to suggest improvements to the Standards document here: