Nashville, TN

Welcome to the Nashville User Group! Come Say Hi!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello, User Group Members! Please take a moment by answering the questions below to introduce yourself to the Nashville User Group Community. Once again welcome!


  1. What’s your name and what industry do you hail from?
  2. What was the last movie you went to? What did you think?
  3. What Alteryx Tool represents you the most?


6 - Meteoroid

I'm Shane Helfenberger.  I work for Altair Customer Intelligence in Franklin, TN.  We are an analytics and marketing services company and compile large databases for these marketing efforts. 


The last movie I went to the theater to see was Christmas Vacation at the Franklin Theater on Christmas.  It is a historic theater that reminds me of seeing movies as a child.  The last good movie I watched was The Big Short which detailed the mortgage bubble crash from 2007.


The Alteryx tool that represents me is the formula tool.  It allows me to make changes to anything I'd like to change. 


I look forward to discussing the needs for this user group in the Nashville area.  Hopefully, we can engage in some lively discussions and learn from each other.


7 - Meteor

I am Troy Monroe and work for Altair in Nashville TN. My title is programmer / data analyst.  I have been using Alteryx for about 8 years.


The last movie I went to in the theater (lol) would be Forrest Gump.  I like movies, but dislike seeing them in a theater with other people.  

I want to say the "smooth" tool represents me , but I am not that cool. More likely the sample tool would be represent me.  I am always looking sample the next food or drink.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @tmonroe!


I had to comment but I think I might be the same about going to the theater to see movies! It's also hard for me to mentally commit to a 2 hour movie rather than a 30 minute show but I can binge watch TV shows for 5 hours. Haha. 


Welcome to the User Group!

9 - Comet
9 - Comet

1. I am Ken Black and I work in the auto industry

2. The Jungle Book. I primarily remember thinking about how fun it would be to run through tree tops without a fear of falling!

3. The Input Data tool. Just give me data and I'll give you back something in return.


If anyone is interested, I've just started the analysis of the 3danim8 blogging experiment. The first article is published here: Part 1 - Geographical Blog Expansion. There will be a lot of Alteryx insights that emerge from my upcoming analyses.

Ken Black
General Motors
5 - Atom

1. My name is Nick Allardyce and I for Ernst & Young, specifically in health care mergers & acquisitions

2. The last movie that I saw was "Sisters" and it was much funnier than I even expected!

3. The Summarize tool represents me the most because the tool makes it easy to summarize all of your data into a few, easily digested, data points.