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Alteryx Server Training ... anyone interested in a local half-day or full-day session ?

7 - Meteor

Hi !


First, thanks to all who contributed to the Q2 Montreal user group session at McGill - much appreciated.


Would like to test the waters across the Montreal network.  We just acquired Alteryx Server, and let's face it, the online documentation is nowhere near as rich as it is for Designer.  I was thinking that if there are enough Server users in our network, we might be able to get Alteryx to help us organise a half-day or full-day training session on all things Server - from deploying & configuring, administering, scaling, best-practices etc.  A local session might allow for a broader attendance than relying on training offered at Inspire.


Thoughts ?


Peter Seitz


10 - Fireball

I would definitely be interested in one of these sessions.