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Favorites, Bookmarks and Subscriptions

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Currently, the Alteryx Community hosts three separate ways to interact with and save your favorite content, Favorite, Bookmark, and Subscribe. This article will go over these three, how to engage with each, and the benefits and differences between them.



Our newest functionality of the three, users can now favorite any user-driven content based out of the Knowledge Base, Blogs, Ideas, Discussions or Gallery. By clicking the favorite button in the bottom right of any post, blog, idea, article, or gallery post the content will be saved to the Favorite Post carousel and board present on the user profile.




The Favorite Carousel can contain up to 12 of your most recently favorited posts, and older favorites will be moved to the favorite posts board, which can be accessed by clicking the last tile on the carousel.


Favorite Posts is a place to share content you enjoy with others users and express your own interests on your profile page. Other users will be able to see your favorites when visiting your profile page.


Favorites also maxes out at 100 posts and will not allow any additional posts till previous ones are unfavorited, so be sure to update your favorites as your interests grow.



Bookmarks are a user-based settings that allows users to save content to a private repository to revisit at a later date. Found in the Options menu or Ellipsis menu, dependent on the board, you can simply click a bookmark on any post or reply, saving it to your Bookmarks.



Once a post has been saved to your Bookmarks, it can then be accessed on the user menu or within your settings.




Bookmarks are completely private and do not have a limit, so feel free to bookmark to your heart's content as you find posts, ideas, and courses you’d like to revisit in the future!



Similar to Bookmarks, Subscriptions are a user-based setting and system that allow users to keep up to date on topics, articles, or boards that interest them. However, rather than just saving to a location to revisit later like Bookmarks, Subscriptions also add a notification system. Once subscribed to a label, board, post, or similar, you’ll receive email notifications every time someone posts on the thread or board.



Subscriptions can be accessed via the user settings or My Subscriptions. You can also update your subscription and notification settings in My Subscriptions and Notification Settings under the same tab.




While all three systems provide a method of saving content, each focuses on a unique method to allow users to optimize and enhance their community profile and experience.

17 - Castor

The profile favourites board is a great new addition - looks really cool! Really need to start taking more advantage of these features to keep up-to-date with wider parts of the forums!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Favorites is a very cool addition !