Q3 2019 User Group Meeting - Volunteers Needed

5 - Atom

Hello Marketing Users!


We are now in the planning stages for our next Marketing User Group meeting that will be taking place early September (more details to come on that) and are looking for volunteers that would be open to sharing their use cases within the marketing industry. As part of a new format we will highlight different themes each quarter to make the use cases and conversation a little more focused. So our theme for Q3 2019 will be.....KPIs!!

Do you have Alteryx workflows built out to support KPI development? Have you found unique ways to create, present and report on KPIs specific to your marketing needs using Alteryx? Do you know what a marketing KPI is and have used Alteryx to do something with one? If so, we need you! We are looking for Marketing User Group members to get more involved and show us how they've been using Alteryx in the KPI world. All levels of complexity are welcome as our user group members come from all different skill levels. Feel free to reply here or reach out to one of the user group leaders directly by August 16th, and we can chat more about what all is involved.


Looking forward to hearing more about how everyone is innovating with Alteryx!

~Marketing User Group Leaders

9 - Comet

Can't wait to hear all the amazing stories. Looking forward to our next meeting.