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Long Beach, CA

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Relocating to LA County, looking for Developer role


Hello all!


I am going to be moving to LA county in the next 2 months (Didn't see a specific LA User Group) and am looking to find an Alteryx consulting job where you help companies automate processes using the software.


I was wondering if anyone knows of any companies that do this type of work or might be able to point me in the right direction.


I have 2 years of big 4 accounting experience succesfully using Alteryx to automate substantive accounting work we do, passed the CPA exam and Alteryx Core certification as well.


To sum it all up, I am looking to experience the great lifestyle California can offer while also finding more meaning in the work I do!


Thank you for your time and considerations


There are some job openings posted here in the community on occasion so search there regularly, there's a company that came to one of our group meetings that I think works in the space you're interested in or they might have been financial services, I can't recall now. But it's always worth going to user group meetings to see who you might connect with there. LinkedIn or Indeed searches for the word Alteryx might yield something as well, but you may have to go searching for accounting consulting firms and then get them to start using Alteryx as a solution. Anyway welcome to California and the LA group sort of fizzled out apparently but you're welcome in Long Beach anytime we're still LA County some come on down.


@Abell Just came across a developer role in Burbank long term contract position, here are the details let me know if you're interested and I can connect you. 



* Develop new features/enhancements to CMS, refactor legacy ETL code and fix bugs

* Maintain highest levels of development practices including technical design, solution development, systems configuration, test documentation/execution, issue identification and resolution, writing clean, modular and self-sustaining code (SQL) and ETL pipelines

* Partner with internal teams to define and implement solutions that improve end to end solutions and support experiences identification and resolution, writing clean, modular and self-sustaining code (SQL) and ETL pipelines Requirements:

* Experience in delivering Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence solutions

* Must have experience working with Alteryx

* Experience in multiple DW/BI aspects from ETL, Data Access Control, Data quality to Metadata management & data governance:

  • Knowledge of relational vs multidimensional data models and related concepts
  • Ability to design an architecture of a data storage system from scratch
  • Ability to write readable and maintainable code

* Experience in developing ETL / building data pipelines with ETL tools or programming languages:

  • Ability to write fault-tolerant data transformation processes
  • Knowledge of ETL troubleshooting techniques
  • Ability to design backfill-capable pipelines
  • Business Intelligence skills