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Long Beach, CA

Welcome to the Long Beach, CAUser Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.

Long Beach User Group Leaders:

Cathy Bridges, Scan HealthPlanNeal J. Thomas, Anthem

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Meeting spaces?


We're always on the lookout for good meeting spaces for our Long Beach user group, if you think you have one let us know. 


Ideally there is room for 10-20 people, a projector, and free parking is always a bonus too! 


Thanks for helping out #theBeach


Hello happy to hear about have the user goup in Long Beach. We have the meeting space that meets all of your requirements however, I would need to get clearance from leadership. I can keep you posted.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @pvara!


Just checking in to see if you have any updates on your conversations with your leadership.


We're discussing having a bonus meeting after Inspire, so please let us know if you think you could host a meeting in June/July.



@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide

Hi Great question thank you for the follow up. Currently I am onsite at a client in the bay area, and will be until july/aug. I will be attending Inspire for that week. I can try to make it happen on June 8th if you want other wise I will up north the following week. Or if we want to connect while at the conference that can work too for a quick catch up and happy hour :)

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

June 8 might be pushing it :-)


No worries - I think I can swing a meeting in June/July at our offices, so maybe we can shoot for Q3 or Q4 at your place!


I'll check back in later... thanks very much!!

@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide