Long Beach, CA

Long Beach June 2018 User Group Meeting - Notes and Resources

11 - Bolide

We had a great meeting with some folks sharing their experiences at Inspire 2018 and talking about just how many amazing women were at the Alteryx conference in Anaheim earlier this month. Below are some of my takeaways from the meeting that I managed to jot down when I wasn't following the presentation with my jaw dropped open.


Other members feel free to add to this with your takeaways from last night, but here are some of mine in no particular order and a link to a version of Joe's presentation which you can watch on YouTube.


  • Always go with VW_String for text fields when in doubt
  • You can easily get the max field length for a VW_String by dropping a disconnected Formula tool onto the canvas and copying that number out from there
  • An iterative macro is useful for things like mapping
  • A batch macro will load once for each record you pass through it
  • Drop a control parameter onto the canvas and it will force it into a batch macro
  • From View select Interface Designer and then the wrench to set icons for your macro and there's an option there for custom icons as well, let your creative self loose!

There was a whole lot more but if you come next time you'll be able to get it all!


Here's a link to a version of Joe's presentation, be sure to come next to get Q&A time with the group and more great tips in person.


Special thanks to @Joe_Mako for presenting and sharing his wealth of knowledge and to @Krisss at Cabi for hosting our meeting!  





6 - Meteoroid

Hi everyone,


Great to meet all of you yesterday, I was able to learn a lot from @Joe_Mako's presentation!


As promised, we wanted to share a link to the Internal Audit Strategy that our firm is co-hosting with Alteryx. It would be great if you all could attend!


Sign up here!


Alteryx_Clearsulting Webinar.png


Please feel free to forward to anyone else that would be interested!

11 - Bolide
Thanks for the recap Neal!
@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide
6 - Meteoroid

Great meeting!  Enjoyed seeing everyone!


The presentation was wonderful!  Thanks @Joe_Mako!

11 - Bolide

Thanks for sharing your event, looking forward to it!