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Recap - #24th (virtual) London Alteryx User Group - 25/03/2019

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

WOW - we had a live audience of 236 for the first virtual London Alteryx User Group: Thank you all so much for joining.


I've attached the deck as a PDF so you can revisit at your leisure and our wonderful speakers will post their materials in reply to this post.


The video recording:


Please free to keep the conversation going here if you have any questions for any of us.


CC: @paul_houghton@grodge13@LilianH,  @Niklas@hannah-r@ChrisS 


A few of the key links that were mentioned throughout:


Joe Lipski
11 - Bolide

The London User Group Challenge is posted here


I have uploaded the Create Points Example to the Gallery and an image of that is below



6 - Meteoroid

Thanks all for joining our first virtual meetup!


The sample workflow used to share new features is attached.

2020-03-25 16_08_10-Alteryx Designer x64 - Features Demo.yxmd_.png

5 - Atom

Thanks to the team for making this happen 🙂


I've attached the workflow I used for Find Nearest, and added a second example that highlights the tool's functionalities in a bit more detail.


Hope you all had a great lunchtime yesterday!



6 - Meteoroid

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