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Recap - #17 December User Group - 10/12/2018

11 - Bolide



This week Christmas season hit the London User Group. The Data School played host for this social event to allow all our fantastic members to spread some Christmas cheer. 

Note: We are donating to three charities on a Just Giving Page, please see below for details and add to the pot.


There was a great turn out with around half of attendees being new to the group, so welcome to you all and we hope to see you again. Dec #LAUG TurnoutDec #LAUG Turnout

The meeting kicked off by reintroducing Alteryx For Good and our plans to bring our groups skills and passions to worthy causes. We are always looking for great groups to become involved with.

Next up we wanted to highlight the great new initiatives and happenings in the wider community including; ALTERYX.COM/INSPIRE-2019 (which is calling for speakers closing on Friday, January 4th, 2019), the new Industry and Departmental user group (check them out here: community.alteryx.com/usergroups), the User Group round-up page to catch up on anything you may have missed from any user group, introducing the new ACEs and Certified Experts including our own new ACE Ben Moss and 6 UK based Experts.

Finally, we wanted to call out the start of Santalytics, the annual Christmas themed Alteryx challenges. Joe showing off what's happening in the communityJoe showing off what's happening in the community

With all the welcoming done it was time for fun. We hosted Christmas quizzing and instead of giving away prizes, the winner of each of the 3 rounds deciding a charity to donate to.

The first round was Joe’s Individual Alteryx Quiz of 20 quick fire questions won by Hannah Roland. Hannah decided on the British Heart Foundation as they were so great to those close to her in their time of need. You can take the Alteryx Quiz On-Demand here to test your Alteryx knowledgeAlteryx Quiz TimeAlteryx Quiz Time




Next, it was team Christmas quiz by Gillian with 1 coming out on top. (1 didn’t see the team name request at the top of the page and panicked when the results were getting collected). They decided to donate to Operation Fistula, an organisation that one of the team members (Naledi Hollbrügge) currently works at.


The final round as Alteryx Against Humanity by Paul. Modelled around the game Cards Against Humanity it was a good way to get some laughs to finish the night. The last man standing in the winning team was Oliver Headland who choose Shelter as he could see the need and impact they make.


If you want to support these great charities we have a Just Giving Page where you can add to the donation pot. We will be delivering the donations on the 7th Jan.


It was a great night and a great turn out. From all of us at the London User Group organising committee we wish everyone a happy holiday season.


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

And the deck we used can be downloaded here!



Joe Lipski
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

I just want to confirm that I've made a donation of £53 on behalf of the London Alteryx User Group and Alteryx For Good to each of British Heart FoundationOperation Fistula, and Shelter as per the selections from the winners of the Christmas Meet Up!




Thanks everyone!

2019-02-07 10_49_48-Presentation1 - PowerPoint.png



Joe Lipski