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Question:  Do we identify the head of household in the consumerView individual file? There is a field, “Household Person Number”, that gives a value between 1 and 6, with 1 value if that person is the only person in the household. Does a “1” designation equate to that person being head of household if there are multiple people in the household?   Answer:  Experian does not have a ‘head of household’ description in their file but the Primary Decision Maker is considered that individual. There can be 2 PDMs in the household.  “Household Person Number” is Alteryx generated and based on the Person number (highlighted) “Person 1: Person Id Number”.  The sequence of assigning Person 1 follows below.   Person Types The persons within a Living Unit (LU) are assigned a Person Type.  A ConsumerView database LU can contain up to six individuals on the licensed database.  Within the LU, the sequence is male primary decision maker and then female primary decision maker with all other members following in age order. Primary decision maker - The individual(s) within a living unit that is (are) most likely to make the buyng, expenditure or purchasing decisions. Elderly parent - an individual within a living unit that is not a Primary Decision Maker (PDM) with an exact age of 65 or greater Young adult - An individual within a living unit that is not a PDM and is between the ages of 19 and 25 Teen -- An individual within a living unit with an exact age of 13-18 Child - An individual within a  living unit with an exact age of 0-12 Other - An individual not classified in any other category
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