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Data methodologies, and Release schedules.
Question Occasionally someone asks the question, “how many businesses have ACTUAL YEAR STARTED” (or referenced another field) and you have no idea how to respond. You looked in the quarterly Variable List and didn’t see the answer. Now what?  You could run a query in Alteryx but should you? Answer Fortunately, there is a document available with just this information and it’s created for each quarterly update.  This information is found in the Documentation folder of the quarterly US and CA Data Installs media plus installed to a local DNB_US_Qx_201x Documentation folder.  The file is titled DnB US Analytical File Penetration Report Qx 201x.csv.  The example image contains a sample of the fieldnames.       The Quantity is the number of records populated for a Fieldname, the % penetration and whether the field is provided by D&B (DnB) or Alteryx. Depending upon your license, the entire list of fields may not be available for query/return but are still provided for reference.    Feel free to share the information since this document is delivered on the installation media. If you have comments or questions, contact
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