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Data methodologies, and Release schedules.
  Households or individuals may be excluded from the ConsumerView file for multiple reasons.  If an example list of names is provided to, they can be validated with Experian.  Otherwise, here are examples of exclusions: Households at addresses may be renters with no deed information available Household only has cell phones and is not in the phone book white pages Privacy - many people see to it their name is never on any kind of mailing list when doing business with companies Below is an excerpt on Experian's privacy & Compliance: Experian Marketing Services’ Approach to Privacy EMS is a steward of the information it collects, maintains, utilizes and shares.  Our stewardship is anchored in a values-based approach to privacy.  Our information values focus squarely upon the protection of information in our care and the safeguarding of consumer privacy through appropriate and responsible use.  For more information regarding our approach to privacy, please visit our web site at . Direct Marketing Association As a member and Board of Directors participant of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), EMS drives the adoption of, and subsequently abides by, and encourages its clients to adhere to, the DMA’s Privacy Promise and Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices.  The Privacy Promise is a public assurance to American consumers that DMA members follow specific practices to protect consumer privacy.  Specifically, the Privacy Promise requires member companies to:   Provide notice of consumers’ ability to opt-out Honor consumer opt-out requests Maintain an in-house opt-out suppression file Use the DMA Preference Service suppression files (e.g., MPS, TPS, e-MPS) Promote industry-wide compliance with DMA self-regulatory guidelines  Why are some people not contained in the Experian ... For additional information, contact
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