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Household Level Analytics Module Business Problem: Businesses investing in new customer acquisition will be more successful in reaching prospects if they know which consumer profiles best describe their current customers. Compiling customer databases through marketing or loyalty card programs allows businesses to know who their customers are, as well as where they are located. When correctly leveraged, this type of information enables strategic and focused spending of marketing funds. Actionable Results : Understand the demographic attributes of your customer base Target new customers that fit the profile of your current customers Ensure that your advertising and marketing funds are spent in the most effective way possible     Overview: Would you like to identify key demographic traits of your target customers? By appending household-level characteristics to a customer file, you can achieve the most accurate Consumer Profiling of both existing and prospective cstomers. This analysis allows business owners to target households that are not in their customer database, but are in their trade area and match the demographics of current customers. Customer acquisition using targeted households is a more efficient way to direct spending on advertising and marketing programs. Vertical: Retail Data Utilized: Customer file containing the following fields: Customer Address containing street number, street name, city, state Customer ZIP Code Customer Name   Alteryx Data: Experian Household File   Application Process: The selected customer file is run through the Calgary Join tool using Experian   household data to isolate the Experian records that match the customer records. Fuzzy Matching is then performed to eliminate all duplicate records.   Finally, the wizard outputs the customer file with appended household-level data.      
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