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Data methodologies, and Release schedules.
Data Products 101 Part 1: Installing your Data (Network & Command Line)   This article will walk through the Network data installation process and is intended for Admins. If you are looking for a guide on the standard local installation process, then check out our article on Local Data Installation.   Network Data Install (Advanced)   Considering that the entire US Business Insights bundle is around 180GB, we often have cases where a user will run out of hard drive space during the data install. If you find yourself in this boat and are on a company network, you can resolve your space issues by performing a network install with the Alteryx Data Installer.   This can also potentially save a huge amount of installation time when you have multiple users for the Data Bundle. Instead of performing this lengthy install numerous times – once for each user – you can install once and be done.   The downside to a Network Install is performance. A Local Install will almost always have better performance, as a Network Install is limited to network speeds and read/write times on your network drive.   A Network Install consists of two operations:   1. Preparing the Network Installation – contents of the Alteryx Data Install are copied to and prepared on your network location.   2. Registering the Network Installation – where each of your users navigate to the prepared network location in order to register the data sets to their machine.   To Prepare a Network Installation:   1.  Follow Steps 1 – 4 within the (Local Installation process article)[hyper-link here].   2. You should now be at the Location screen - choose ‘Prepare a Network Install’ and browse to the shared network location where you wish to install. Be sure that all users have the same configuration if you're using a mapped network drive.    At a minimum, each of your users will need read access to this location. If you plan to install CASS to this network location, then your users will also need write access to this location.   Click ‘Finish’ after selecting the network location and let the Alteryx Data Installer run.     3. Once the installation is complete, each of your users will need to register the Prepared Network Install to their computers.   To Register a Network Installation:   1.  Each user will need to navigate to the location where you Prepared the Network Install. Once there, run ‘AlteryxDataInstall.exe’ and follow Steps 1 – 4 as outlined under the Local Data Install guide. On the Location screen, select ‘Register from a Network Location and click ‘Finish’.     2. The installation process should take no more than a couple minutes to copy over a handful of files to the user’s computer (sample data, etc.). Once done registering, the user can immediately start accessing the installed data in Alteryx.     Command Line Install (Advanced)   The Alteryx Data Installer also has command line operations for all of our IT users. Please refer to our Command Line documentation for more details.
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As of the Q4 2018 data release, Experian's CAPE offering accessed through Alteryx's Demographics Analysis toolset will move to an annual update schedule instead of semi-annual. The change was made by the vendor, whose research determined there isn't enough variance to warrant updating the Annual Update to the Thin Update (“A” to “B” in Alteryx terms).   This affects the following data sets:   CAPE Demographics, “Current Year Estimates” and “Five Year Projections” (CYE & FYP) CAPE Seasonal Population CAPE Daytime Population CAPE Consumer Expenditure, CYE & FYP CAPE Retail Demand & Retail Supply (Scaled) American Community Survey, Mosaic Workplace and Mosaic Residential are already on an annual update schedule and will remain on that release cycle. However, the annual Mosaic updates will be delivered with the rest of the CAPE updates beginning with the Q2 2019 release.   This change does not affect the quarterly Alteryx Data delivery frequency to our customers, as geographies and other data sets follow their own release cycles. We will continue to deliver Alteryx Data quarterly as the other data sets included within the offering follow their own update release cycles.
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Data Products 101 Part 1: Installing your Data (Standard)   So, you just bought one of the Data Bundles from Alteryx and you’re excited to dive in and start exploring Location and Business Insights for your company – but where do you start? How do you get access to this Data? Well, unlike a SQL database or CSV you might be used to working with, you’re going to start by installing these Data Products. This article will walk through the standard data installation process. If you are an Admin and are interested in a Network or Command Line installation, check out our article on Data Installation for Admins.   Prerequisites   First and foremost, do you have your Data Package yet?   If you purchased either the US or Canada Business Insights bundles, you should have received a hard drive in the mail. If you have your hard drive plugged in and read, then go ahead and skip to Step 1 below.   If you purchased one of our Location Insights spatial bundles, then head to licensing and download portal and download the data. Assuming you have your Spatial license key activated, it’ll be under the Data Packages tab on the left – just click on the bundle you wish to download and then the .7z file you wish to download. Pay attention to the vintage tag as you’ll want the most recent quarter’s data.       Be sure to extract the .7z package after you’ve downloaded it. We recommend creating a new folder that you will extract into – instead of extracting everything onto your desktop.   If you haven’t received your US/CAN Business Insights hard drive yet, or don’t see the Data Packages tab on the Licensing and Downloads portal, you should reach out to our Fulfillment Team for support.   Local Data Installation Steps   The local data install is the standard installation type. First, you’ll want to make sure Alteryx is closed. Next, either plug in your Alteryx Data hard drive or navigate to wherever you extracted the data from the Licensing and Downloads portal and run the ‘AlteryxDataInstall.exe’ to launch the Alteryx Data Installer.   1. Click Next when the Welcome Screen appears.     2. Read and Accept the license agreement then click Next.     3. Select the data sets you would like to install. If you want all of them just click the All button on the right. Otherwise, you can select individual Data Products by selecting the check box next to them. After you’ve made your selection, click Next.     4. Choose any previously installed Data Products that you would like to uninstall by selecting them similarly to the previous screen. You don't have to choose anything here if you want to keep everything, however, keep in mind that these data bundles can be very large and you may not have enough space to keep multiple vintages installed locally. After you’ve made your selection, click Next.     5. Leave ‘Install to a Local Directory’ selected and browse to the file path you would like to install the data to. The default path will be auto-populated but if you'd like to install it somewhere else just update the path. Make sure the hard drive you install the data to has enough space. For instance, the US Business Insights bundle takes up over 180GB and we recommend 500GB of space for Alteryx Designer – so you will want to have at least 700GB available.   Once you’ve selected the install path, hit Finish and let the Alteryx Data Installer run.   Feel free to kick back and relax now – as this will take some time. An install of the entire US Business Insights bundle may take well over 3 hours depending on your hard drive write speed.       6. When you get to the ‘Complete’ screen you’re done. Now you can load up Alteryx and start diving into Business and Location Insights!       If you’re unsure where to get started with actually using these Data Products, then be sure to check out Part 2 of my Data Products 101 series. Stayed tuned for more to come!
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Hi folks,   The remaining 2019 Insights and CASS release schedule is as follows...     And here is the CASS schedule for the remainder of the year...     Regards,   Jerad Rades Team Lead, Data Products
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Per Experian:   "CAPE data is always in nominal dollars (i.e. it includes inflation) – for CYE estimates, it cannot be any other way since we release the estimates a few months after the reference date (e.g. in end of September 2015, we released the estimates for the 2015B update that referred to July 1st, 2015). For FYP, however, it’s important to mention that CAPE estimates incorporate inflation projections – this also ensures consistency with CYE estimates. Although we may use ‘real dollar’ values (i.e. stripped from inflation effects) to project Consumer Expenditure target estimates, none of our final CAPE estimates are in ‘real dollars’.   - Thanks to Data Products for getting this information from Experian
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