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Upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 Steps

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx Designer?

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It is now easy to update your variable names using the Dynamic Rename tool and the MetaInfo. First, on the Allocate MetaInfo tool, you will want to select the data you are using and leave the Variables selected:                                                               Next, bring in a Dynamic Rename tool, select the Take a Field Names from Right Input Rows option (have your MetaInfo come in on the Right). For Old Field Name from Column choose Name, and for New Field Name from Column choose Description. I would recommend also choosing Ignore for if number of Field Names do not match. What the tool is doing is matching the data in the Name column of the MetaInfo and if it matches any of the names from the left Input data, it will replace it with the data in the Description column of our MetaInfo. I choose ignore because the tool will try to match all variables in the MetaInfo data set to the left input data, and throw a warning or error if it doesn't match.                                                             Below is an example of what the process would look like. It's also been configured into a macro that can be downloaded below:                                                          The configuration of the macro is simple, just pick the data set you are using (this should automatically populate with what you have loaded on your computer):                                                              Below is an example of how your module would look using the macro, it would need to be place somewhere below your Allocate tool to work:                                                                          After using the macro (or process) the variables will appear as the description (which is what is shown in the Allocate tools):                                                       
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