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Data methodologies, and Release schedules.
When using the Demographic Analysis tools in the Alteryx Designer there are two types of variables you’ll be able to utilize from the Allocate Engine: built-in and virtual variables. Built-in variables are the most granular demographic measures the engine offers and virtual (custom) variables are calculated from these built-in variables. If you’re interested in taking a look at the underlying formulas that constitute these variables, there are two ways to do so:   Through the Alteryx Data Products GUI   You can find the Alteryx Data Products Allocate Interface in your start menu   From here just locate your variable in the “Variables” tab   Then select “File” and “Variable Information”     The Allocate Metainfo tool In the Allocate Metainfo tool select “Variables”     After running the workflow, the list of variables in your chosen dataset will be output, along with their constituent formulas (if they are virtual variables) You can also create your own custom variables! For your reference, a list of demographic variables that are included in the Alteryx Data Packages can be found here.
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