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Uninstalled datasets cause a problem in saved workflows

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


I have a user trying to open a workflow that used the ‘TomTom_Europe_Q4_2016’ drivetime data in the Trade Area tool. They recently replaced that with the Q1 2017 data. I checked the Change Log, but didn’t see anything specifying what the changes were for this dataset. The dataset name in the error isn’t one I had installed.

Guzzler dataset error.png

Which drivetime dataset would be the most equivalent, and are there any resources I can give the user that has specifics on the differences?


Change the workflow to use the “Most Recent Vintage” instead of a specific quarter.

Here is what appears to be happening. When a specific Guzzler version is saved in a workflow (instead of most recent vintage) and that version is uninstalled during an update, Designer can’t locate that vintage and defaults to theDbSet name specified in the installation files. The DbSet name can be cryptic and appears differently from the logical name of the dataset.

Guzzler is not the only dataset where this can happen. Any of the datasets using a specific quarter (like Calgary, Allocate or Mapping) can display the same behavior. As a best practice, use Most Recent Vintage to avoid conflicts of uninstalled datasets.

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