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UK - ROI Geocoder - Failure when receiving data from the peer

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


UK-ROI Geocoder throws error "UK-ROI Geocoder (2) Tool #129: Tool #7: Error transferring data: Failure when receiving data from the peer".



UK-ROI Geocoderrelies on TomTom web services. Most of the time this error means that tool cannot contactapi.tomtom.com.

So, in order to be able to use the tool, make sure to whitelistapi.tomtom.com at the firewall or proxy level.

If a proxy is involved, ensure that Alteryx Designer is configured to use it (menu Options, User Settings, Edit User Settings, bottom of tab Advanced). PAC (Proxy Auto Config) scriptare not supported by Alteryx Designer at the moment. One needs to replace the script by the actual proxy server URL in Windows Control Panel, Internet Options.

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8 - Asteroid
Are connection issues likely to be intermittent? I get this error the majority of the time I try to use the tool but occasionally it just works fine. My IT team have told me if it was a problem on our end it would just not work 100% of the time.
5 - Atom

Hi guys,


I am very new to Alteryx. Could you anyone tell me what's the best way / to get UK ROI Geocoder?


Thank you.





I think the best option would be to start with your Account Executive (AE).  You might be able to get a license key from your company's License Administrator (LA).  After that, you'd download the appropriate Insights package from the portal.