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Troubleshoot Access Denied when installing CASS


Environment Details

Break Fix:Troubleshoot Access Denied when installing CASS

Access is denied when user attempts to install CASS datasets both locally and at the network level. This is because the user does not have the correct permissions to install on their machine.



  • Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server 
  • US Business Insights, US Locations Insights and CASS Data install


Common Issues

This is the error the user will receive when attempting to install locally or from the network location.



  1. Locate the file path that errors out on the user's machine.
  2. Delete the CASS .ini file or file path that errors out (If there is one. The file may be corrupt.). The default location of the CASS .ini file can be found within the file browser under file path: C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\DataProducts\DataSets\CASS
  3. Run the data installer as administrator. One is seeing the error because they do not have the appropriate permissions on their machine to install from this file location.
  4. Ensure that installer completes successfully and CASS dataset installs.
  5. Launch Alteryx and test a CASS tool using our sample workflows.


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