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The Allocate Append tool is Returning Zeros




The Allocate Append tool is returning zeros for all demographic variables.



  • Alteryx Designer
    • Allocate Append tool
  • Spatial Input Data




In the Allocate tools, you must specify a Spatial Field to calculate demographics for. Block Centroid Retrieval is used and pulls data for the centroids that fall inside of a polygon. Demographics can only be extracted for polygons, not points (or lines).  If the spatial field you are selecting contains lines or points, the Allocate Append tool will return zeros for these objects.




If you have both a point and a polygon in your data stream (a point location and its 3-mile trade area) select the polygon (radii), not the point.  






By default, Alteryx will select the "SpatialObj" if your input data that is a point.  If “SpatialObj” is selected you will end up with zeros for your selected data variables.  Be sure to select the polygon instead, for example, “SpatialObject_Trade_Area".  


Best practice: Add a Select tool prior to the Allocate tool and rename your spatial objects.  For example, "My Location" and "3-mile trade area".