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Renaming Allocate Variables


AllocateRename.pngHave you ever used the Allocate tools and received back some strange looking variable names? You're not alone! The Allocate Rename Fields Macro will allow you to rename your fields into readable variables.


The macro can be downloaded hereNote: This will navigate you to the Alteryx Gallery. Select "Download & Install the Allocate Rename Fields Macro" and follow the prompts to install.




The Allocate tools allow users to enrich their workflows with third party data provided from Experian and the US Census. This data contains demographic and household information by geography. Allocate tools can be found under the “Demographic Analysis” tab in the Alteryx toolbar; they include the Allocate Input, Allocate Append, Allocate Report, and Allocate Metainfo.


Allocate Input and Allocate Append tools allow users to select variables to display by geography. Once configured, the fields returned look something like this: 




 Add the Allocate Rename macro after the Allocate Input/Append. In the Configuration window, select the Dataset that you are pulling from. Press Run for the magic!




Voila! Your field names are now human-readable. 




What if my company blocks access to downloading new tools/macros from the Gallery?

In the case that you cannot download this macro, you can use Alteryx to dynamically rename the field names. See is it possible to get the variable name I see in the Allocate tool?

7 - Meteor

Does this work if you are using the Data Bundles installed from a network location? I consitantly get that no allocate data sets available, even though I am using this after an allocate input.


@DataGrrl do you have the same issue when trying to use the Allocate Metainfo tool? Are you able to select a dataset in the Allocate Rename tool, or is the list blank?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

This should work regardless where the data is installed. Is the connection to the network location stable? If not, Allocate datasets may not be seen.

Is Alteryx set to Disable Auto Configure?  If so, the Allocate tools may need refreshing to see available datasets.

7 - Meteor

I can see the Allocate datasets fine in the Allocate Input Tool and Allocate Metainfo, but the Macro has "--No Allocate Datasets Available"

7 - Meteor

I've downloaded the Allocate Rename macro but can't see it in the list of tools in Alteryx designer still. How can I access it in the workflow?



7 - Meteor

Nevermind, I figured it out! Thanks.

6 - Meteoroid

I've downloaded the Allocate Rename macro but can't see it in the list of tools in Alteryx designer still. How can I use it?


Thanks a lot!