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Removing CASS_StatusCode from Q3 2021 Data Installs


The Data Products team has identified the deprecated field CASS_StatusCode included in the US and Canada Dun & Bradstreet Analytical File.  This field will be removed from this Calgary file for the Q3 2021 Business and Location Insights release since the field had been replaced with CASS_ErrorCode long ago. We are making this post to notify any users currently running workflows referencing CASS_StatusCode so they can adjust their workflows before this update.   


What is changing: 

The field CASS_StatusCode will be removed from the US and Canada Dun & Bradstreet Analytical file.  

When is this changing: 

The Q3 2021 Business and Location Insights release November 08, 2021. 

Who is impacted: 

Users with workflows that reference CASS_StatusCode

What action is needed: 

If you’re currently using the CASS_StatusCode field, replace it with the CASS_ErrorCode field or remove it entirely. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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