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Q3 2018 US Data Documentation


The Q3 2018 US Data package includes analytics-ready data from TomTom, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet and the US Census as well as data-specific analysis tools to get the most from the packaged data. The documentation package attached includes –


  • Release notes, variable list and change log
  • Experian CAPE demographic data methodology document, Mosaic segment descriptions
  • Experian ConsumerView Analytical file – user guide and penetration report
  • Simmons overview
  • D&B Analytical file - data description, SIC lookup code, penetration report
  • Kalibrate Technologies traffic count overview and metadata
  • Spatial products include documentation on drive time methodology and Alteryx map layers


What's new in this release?


  • Sample workflows included with the data installs are now grouped within a top-level "Data Install Samples" category
  • Annual updates for Places, Other Name Places, CBSAs, and CCDs/MCDs


Please download and extract the attached 'Q32018_US_Data.zip' for the complete documentation.

7 - Meteor

Hi! Is the Q4 documentation available yet? I'm having trouble finding it. thanks!


Hi @Dan_Z,


The Q4 2018 documentation is attached to the following post: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Location-Data-Knowledge-Base/Documentation-Q4-2018-Insights-Data-Pa.... Please note @NickPa's comment regarding the name change from "Data" and "Spatial" to "Business Insights" and "Location Insights".




Jerad Rades

Team Lead, Data Products