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Parse TomTom US Address Points


Parse TomTom US Address Points


As @MattD recently referred to in his post, reverse geocoding is a helpful spatial task using Alteryx Designer and TomTom US Address spatial data. I've recently helped a few prospective customers understand how to find address information by reverse geocoding latitude/longitude points. For new users, parsing data isn't always straight-forward. And for new users who have never seen regex, well, let's not go there... 


The reverse geocode process returns the entire address in one cell. So, the customer still needs to parse out the string if they want the address in separate fields. I built a macro that returns address, city, state, zip, and zip+4 in separate fields.


Here is an Alteryx Gallery link to the macro that only needs to reference the '__Addr_Pt' and '_Centroid' fields.


Alteryx Gallery Link


The macro is represented here by the tool that has the small white compact car:


TomTom Address Point Screen Shot.png

Streaming into the macro, your data will have these two fields (__Addr_Pt and _Centroid), among others. Here is the Before screen shot:





The results will take the __Addr_Pt field and convert it into 5 fields. Here is the After screen shot:




The result can easily format fields for joining Experian ConsumerView data, or for any other data stream that requires a structured group of address fields.



This was built using Alteryx Designer


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