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Notice: Issue Identified with Total Expenditure Variable in Q2 2021 release


The following issue only impacts users who have installed the Q2 2021 US Business Insights add-on data package: 

We have identified an issue with the Consumer Expenditure variables defined in the VVF files installed with the Q2 2021 Experian US Allocate dataset, specifically Current Year Estimates (2021) - Total Expenditure (TCTOTALEXP) and Five-Year Estimates (2026) – Total Expenditure (TFTOTALEXP). The formula defining the variables used to calculate these “virtual variables” contained duplicate variable references, resulting in double the expected value from our Allocate tools. We reviewed each VVF file in our Q2 2021 dataset and verified the issue is isolated to these two variables. With our Q3 2021 dataset expected to be released on November 8, 2021, we are providing the updated versions of the impacted VVF files instead of a rebuild of our Q2 dataset. These files can be updated to any environment the data package has been installed. This can allow users to fix the issue without spending hours of download and installation time! 


How to fix this issue: 

  1. Download the fixed files here: Q2_2021_VVF_Update 
  2. Find the Installed location of VVF files.
    1. Local installation: 
      1. “C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\SRCDataManager\Portfolio\ALTERYX_US_Experian_21A_21A\VirtualVars” 
    2. Network installation: 
      1. “Q2_2021_Network_Install_Location\Portfolio\ALTERYX_US_Experian_21A_21A\VirtualVars” 
  3. Paste the downloaded VVF files into the location of your installed VVF files. 
  4. Restart Designer. 


We have taken steps to prevent this from occurring again in future CAPE updates. The VVF files will be fixed for our Q3 2021 US Business Insights, along with our quarterly updates to Experian ConsumerView, Dun & Bradstreet firmographic data, TomTom mapping files, and more! 

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