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Notice: Defect Identified within Dun and Bradstreet Summary Variables Q3 2021


This data defect only impacts users that have the Q3 US Business Insights package installed:

After a deeper analysis we have discovered a defect in our US Business Insights package within our US Installer. This package provides users the ability to analyze business locations, types of business', numbers of employees and size of employer. We have determined this invalid data impacted our Employee and Establishment variable counts during our build processes. The variables that have outlying counts include:

  • Total Employees

  • Construction (23)

  • Construction (15-17)

  • Building Cnstrctn - General Contractors & Operative Builders (15)

  • Residential Building Construction (2361)

Attached below is a full list of variables discovered that have invalid counts.




We have resolved and validated this data defect for our upcoming quarterly data release (Q4 2021) for both our CA and US Business Insights. We have taken measures to prevent this from impacting our future Business Insights data package updates. The corrected variable counts are valid and will be delivered for our upcoming Q4 2021 Business Insights package release.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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