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New Satellite Imagery from Mapbox


As we announced in December, we have partnered with Mapbox to provide new basemaps for designer 2019.4. For our Q4 2019 Business and Location Insights release we will be transitioning from our previous provider to Mapbox. Workflows that have “Most Recent Vintage” selected from the basemap drop down will transition smoothly to the new provider.

With this transition our maps are getting new names:

DigitalGlobe Aerials 2019 Q3 => Alteryx Satellite 2019 Q4
DigitalGlobe Aerials with Streets 2019 Q3 => TomTom Streets with Satellite 2019 Q4

Business and Location Insights from previous vintages, Q3 2019 and before, contain maps that call our old aerial tile API endpoint. This endpoint will be retired in June 2020, and the satellite maps from those vintages will no longer display. By that time, be sure to install maps from Q4 2019 and greater to ensure the data products maps with satellite imagery still work.

The Alteryx Satellite style included in versions Designer 2019.4 and above will not be impacted by this change.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Excellent product to use to overlay your analyis on top of this super rich detailed imagery