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Nationwide Traffic Counts with TrafficMetrix from Kalibrate


Great News Everyone!

We are excited to announce an improvement to our US Business Insights data package! Specifically, we have upgraded the access to traffic count data, TrafficMetrix, provided by Kalibrate Technologies.

Previously, the US Business Insights package contained traffic count data representing a 15% sample of the full nationwide dataset, but the upcoming Q4 2019 US Business Insights package will now contain the entire dataset. While the 15% sample contained roughly 240,000 records of traffic count data from the nationwide dataset, the full data now provides over 1,600,000 records to further enrich your analysis.

The addition of the full TrafficMetrix dataset should already be included with your existing US Business Insights license. In the event of any licensing issues, please reach out to your License Administrator or fulfillment@alteryx.com.

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