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NOTICE: Behavior Analysis Tools Deprecation as of 2022.3 Designer Release


The Behavior Analysis tools are deprecated as of Designer version 2022.3 due to required data no longer being included in the US Business Insights Data Packages 2022 Q1 and onwards.

Cluster Code Tool Workaround

The now-deprecated Cluster Code tool appends a Cluster Code field to a record input stream. It uses a Cluster Level ID as the mapping field.

The Allocate Input and Allocate Append tools allow you to replicate the same functionality for the Cluster Level ID - Block Group. These tools require the Business Insights data package.

See the below image for the configuration to use with the Allocate Append tool.




Accessing Deprecated Tools

For customers with US Business Insights Data Packages 2021 Q4 and earlier versions, the deprecated tools will continue to be supported and can be accessed by right-clicking on the Tool Ribbon and selecting “Show Deprecated Tools”.

Obtain List of Deprecated Tools in Alteryx

Please let us know if you have any questions.