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Map Styles Update - Update your Base Map Layers by December 31st

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

You may have noticed a longer than usual list of map styles in Alteryx over the past year. This is because in version 2019.4 we introduced a bevy of new maps from our mapping partner, Mapbox. These were added in addition to the existing map styles from our previous provider, Carto. 

Now that you’ve had the chance to get accustomed to these new map styles, we want to update you on some changes. Starting in the new year you will no longer be able to choose the Carto map styles (i.e. Carto Dark Matter). The new Mapbox styles (labeled as “Alteryx Dark…”) feature the same great satellite imagery you’ve grown to rely on with some added perks. Here are the details: 

  • Access the same timely updates to the freshest satellite imagery as before. 

  • Explore an expanded library of beautiful street map styles to make your analysis results pop. 

  • Use comprehensive points of interest and place names on an all- new street map style to help spatially align and contextualize your analysis. 

How to ensure you’re ready for this change 

To take advantage of these new Mapbox features and ensure you don't lose any mapping styles (once Carto maps are removed), you’ll need to either, (1) be on Alteryx version 2019.4 or greater, or (2) if for some reason you cannot install a newer version of Alteryx, you’ll need install the Mapbox map styles before 1/1/2021.

To download and install either of the latest version of Alteryx or the Mapbox installer, please follow these instructions: 

Option 1 – Install latest version of Alteryx Designer (check with your system admin)

-OR, if you cannot update Designer due to your organization restrictions or permissions- 

Option 2 – Install Mapbox maps directly to older versions of Designer

  • Download and Install Alteryx Mapbox.
    NOTE: The link above will take you directly to the location of the Mapbox installer, however if you choose to navigate manually, please follow these instructions: 

  • Under Alteryx Designer, click the Previous Versions tab 

  • Click on Alteryx Designer (2019.3) 


  • Find and click Alteryx Mapbox 

We’re excited to provide this new mapping solution and are confident that you’ll enjoy these changes. 

If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help you out. 


Alright, less yappin’ and more mappin’!