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Error: CASS Is Not Working! What Do I Do?

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The US and CA Data and Spatial Bundles contains many datasets, including the Melissa Data CASS engine.  While the US and CA Data Bundles are updated every quarter, CASS is updated every 2 months.  Luckily, the install file size for CASS is just over 1gb, so we are able to provide this update as a download.  Once downloaded, a few simple steps will get you on your way to using the most updated version of CASS.

On occasion though, users have reported a few issues with being unable to utilize CASS.  Because of this, we have decided to provide full download and install instructions, with a final portion of frequent questions and issues.  

To install the latest CASS:

  1. Download the latest version of CASS.  This is sent via email from Alteryx Products on a bi-monthly basis and will be in the format of the following:
    1. http://downloads.alteryx.com/CASS_US_CAN_20YY_MM.exe
    2. YY is the current year and MM is the current month release of CASS. 
  2. Double-click on the .exe file.  This starts the 7-Zip Self-Extractor.  Choose a location where you would like to extract the install files.
    1. IMPORTANT: This does not actually install the files, it only extracts the install files.
  3. Once the install files have been extracted, located and double-click the file DataInstall.exe.  This will be in the directory you just extracted to in the previous step.
  4. When the install dialogue pops up, check the box to accept the license agreement and click Next.
  5. The next screen allows you to select datasets to install.  Depending on which install you've chosen, you will see the option to install US, Canada, or both versions of CASS.  Check all boxes, then click Next
  6. This screen displays all current datasets installed on your machine.  Checking any box here will uninstall the dataset.  By default, the previous version of CASS will be checked for uninstall.  Make sure all prior versions of CASS are checked, then click Next.
    1. IMPORTANT: You must uninstall all previous versions of CASS during this process.  If you have any expired versions of CASS on your local machine, no other versions of CASS will work properly.
  7. Browse to the directory you wish to install CASS to, then click Finish.

Once the above steps have been completed, you will be able to use CASS on your local machine.

FAQ/Common Errors:

  1. Error: CASS (2): CASS is not installed properly or it has expired. Please contact your reseller or Client Services at 1-866-516-24001-866-516-2400 FREE to receive an updated CASS database.
    1. This is often because a prior version of CASS is still installed.  Re-run DataInstall.exe and make sure all prior versions of CASS are checked in the Uninstall screen.
    2. CASS was installed on a network drive and permissions are not allowing you to see it.  Try re-running DataInstall.exe and install CASS on a local drive.
  2. Error: CASS (1): The Melissa Data CASS engine appears to not be installed (can't find dll).
    1. This is often the result of mismatched registry entries or install folders.  Please contact support@alteryx.com for resolution.

In most cases, the solutions for error 1 above will resolve your issue, but if not please don't hesitate to reach out to support@alteryx.com for handling.

Thanks, and until next time!

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6 - Meteoroid

We have Q4 2019 Installed yet as we haven't been able to retrieve the data drive due to Covid.  We are getting the above message.  I believe it's installed correctly.  Does it actually expire?