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Documentation: Q3 2021 Insights Data Packages


Greetings Everyone!  
The Q3 2021 Business and Location Insights data packages are now available to plug into your analytic processes. The packages include analytics-ready data from a variety of vendors as well as data-specific analysis tools which will empower users to get the most from the packaged data. Here is what you can look forward to in this release:  

We have identified that the US Geocoder and Street Geocoder are returning a hybrid of Census 2010 and 2020 ID’s. The resolution for this issue can be found here: TomTom Geocoder Returns Mixed Census ID.
Refreshed Data  
This contains quarterly updates for D&B Business Data, Experian Consumer View, Kalibrate TrafficMetrix, and TomTom datasets (Including the geography files for CBSAs, MCDs, Places, and Other Named Places.) 


Updated Data
The deprecated field CASS_StatusCode was removed from the Dun & Bradstreet Analytical File (Calgary). If you are currently using this field in your workflows, please replace with CASS_ErrorCode or remove entirely.


Updated Tools

The API based Geocoding tools [Reverse Geocoder, Canada Geocoder API, etc.] are updated to be compatible with the new AMP Engine option in Alteryx Designer versions 2020.2+. Workflows utilizing these the tool will be able to run with the ‘Use AMP Engine’ option checked.


Corrected Data 
The US Street Geocoder & US Geocoder datasets have been altered to return results more accurate to the city and postcode provided as input. This is intended to improve the accuracy of results in instances where addresses in postcodes within the same city, street names, and address ranges cause the geocoder to preference an inaccurate location when selecting ‘Don’t Match, Just Geocode'.

The Virtual Variables for Total Expenditure (Current Year Estimates and Five Year Estimates) in the Q2 2021 Experian US CAPE dataset contained duplicate references to variables in its formula. We fixed these virtual variable files and they are no longer producing duplicate variables in the Q3 2021 release.


All data packages are available via the Downloads and Licenses portal. US and Canada Business Insights customers will receive their hard drives later this week, but they are also welcome to download the data from the portal.  
All documentation packages are available for download: 2021_Q3_Documentation    .  
Enjoy the new data (and hopefully updated forecasts)! 

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