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Documentation: Q3 2019 Insights Data Packages

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Greetings Everyone!


The Q3 2019 Business and Location Insights data packages are now available for analysis. The packages include analytics-ready data from a variety of vendors as well as data-specific analysis tools which will empower users to get the most from the packaged data.

All data packages are available via the Downloads & Licenses portal. US & Canada Business Insights customers will receive their hard drives later this week, but they are also welcome to download the data from the portal.


All documentation packages are included in the attached .zip archive. Be sure to take a look at some of the recent articles in the Location Data Knowledge Base which will help you get started with your Insights packages. There are articles related to installation, mapping, and many more.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by commenting below.


Happy Alteryxing!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Updated map layers, geocoding, drive-time, demographics, consumer expenditures, consumer segmentatoin and profiling, forecasted demographics, traffic counts data, OH MYYYY!!!! 


Our users willl benefit from applying this data to solve key location decisions.  Happy GIS/geography day!


"Everything happens somewhere"



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Hi @TravisR  - Thank you for posting about the latest data update. I was wondering if you could point me to a resource that can help us know where all in Designer the various data package components are used?  For example: the TomTom Drivetime data is utilized in a few Spatial tools....while the Experian Full ACS dataset shows up in the Allocate tools....but you won't find the Experian Household dataset there because it appears in a new Join category tool. I've tried tracked down many of the spots where the data packages are used in Designer but I know I'm coming up short.

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Hi @DultonM 


I couldn't find any documents which had that explicitly spelled out - so here's a quick rundown for the US Business Insights.



  • Map Input (In/Out Tab)
  • Browse (In/Out Tab)
  • Report Map (Reporting Tab)



  • Trade Area (Spatial Tab)
  • Non Overlap Drivetime (Spatial Tab)
  • Find Nearest (Spatial Tab)
  • Distance (Spatial Tab)


CASS (Address Standardization):

  • CASS (Address Tab)
  • Parse Address (Address Tab)



  • Reverse Geocoder (Address Tab) (Requires Internet Address)
  • US Geocoder (Address Tab) (Uses a cascading logic to try to geocode an address at the following levels: Actual Rooftop, Street, ZIP Code)
  • Street Geocoder (Address Tab) (Street level geocoding)
  • US ZIP9 Geocoder (Address Tab) (ZIP9 geocoding)


Demographic Data (Experian US, US Census, Experian ACS Full US):

  • Allocate Input (Demographic Analysis Tab) (Select pre-defined geography and calculate demographic data)
  • Allocate Append (Demographic Analysis Tab) (Calculate and append demographic values to your own geographies - such as a trade area)
  • Allocate Metadata (Demographic Analysis Tab) (Metadata from our datasets including human readable values)
  • Allocate Report (Demographic Analysis Tab) (Generate pre-built demographic data reports)


Tabular Data (Experian Household, Experian Individual, D&B Business List Traffic Counts):

  • Calgary Input (Calgary Tab) (Queryable Input for these large tabular datasets)
  • Calgary Join (Calgary Tab) (Join tabular data from these datasets to your own data)
  • Calgary Cross Count (Calgary Tab) (Generate counts of data based on fields you select)
  • Calgary Cross Count Append (Calgary Tab) (Same as Calgary Cross Count but appends to your input data)
  • ConsumerView Matching (Join Tab) (Uses fuzzy matching to join Experian Household/Invidual data to your own customer list)
  • Business Matching (Join Tab) (Uses fuzzy matching to join D&B Business List data to your own business list)
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Thanks @TravisR ! That confirmed most of my existing understanding and made me realize a few other ways the Data Packages come into play. The only significant outstanding question I have is about the TomTom Address Points dataset. I know it is a Calgary file I can utilize with the Calgary tools, but I'm wondering if the file is used by Designer to support some other features, such as the Address, Spatial, Mapping or Allocate tools?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @DultonM 


So the TomTom Address Points dataset contains rooftop and parcel centroids for many addresses across the US. We utilize this file internally in the US Geocoder and it corresponds with geocoded results of the 'Actual' status

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That makes sense! Thanks for the insight, @TravisR !