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Documentation: Q2 2023 Insights Data Packages


Greetings Everyone!  
The Q2 2023 Business and Location Insights data packages are now available to plug into your analytic processes. The packages include analytics-ready data from a variety of vendors as well as data-specific analysis tools which will empower users to get the most from the packaged data. Here is what you can look forward to in this release:  

Refreshed Data  
This contains quarterly updates for Experian 2023/2028 demographic data, D&B Business Data, Experian ConsumerView, and TomTom datasets.


Updated Data

  • US Census 2020:

    • The new 2020 US Census data contains new and updated geographies for the Block Group and Census Tracts for US Experian & Full US, and the US Census 2020 DHC installer.

    • Changes to the geographies and variables may have caused changes in their saved configuration in Allocate Input and Allocate Append tools for the Experian US and Full US Datasets.

    • These changes will break workflows configured with previously released data packages


  • US Census Demographic and Housing Characteristics:

    • Introducing the US Census 2020 DHC dataset to replace the US Census 2010 SF1 dataset

      • Provides over 9K demographic variables derived from the US 2020 Census.


  • Experian US and Full US CAPE:

    • Read the provided CAPE_2023_Tech_Overview for critical information on the updated data provided for the 2020 US Census.

    • We are no longer receiving updated ACS data and it is removed from Experian US and Full US Allocate datasets.

      • Experian_ACS_2019_FULLUS_Data has been renamed to remove ACS: Experian_FULLUS_2023A_Data

    • The CAPE databases updated for this release are:

      • Demographics – Current Year Estimates (CYE)

      • Demographics – Five-Year Projections (FYP)

      • Daytime Population - Current Year Estimates (CYE)

      • Seasonal Population – Current Year Estimates (CYE)

      • Consumer Expenditure– Current Year Estimates (CYE)

      • Consumer Expenditure– Five-Year Projections (FYP)

      • Retail Demand/Supply

      • Mosaic & Mosaic Workplace


  • US Geocoder returns 2020 Census Ids


  • ConsumerView no longer provides 2010 Census IDs.

    • The current CensusID field provides users with 2020 Census values.


All data packages are available via the Downloads and Licenses portal. US and Canada Business Insights customers will receive their hard drives later this week, but they are also welcome to download the data from the portal.  
All documentation packages are available for download: 2023_Q2_Documentation .  
Enjoy the new data (and hopefully updated forecasts)!