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Documentation: Q1 2019 Insights Data Packages


Greetings Alteryxians!


The Q1 2019 Business and Location Insights data packages were released today. The packages include analytics-ready data from a variety of vendors as well as data-specific analysis tools to get the most from the packaged data. All data packages are available via the Downloads & Licenses portal; US & Canada Business Insights customers should receive their hard drives later this week, but you are also welcome to download the data from the portal.


Here are a couple important notes specific to this release. Please see the product specific documentation for more details.

  • US & Canada: Install now only includes country specific CASS dataset (i.e., US Business Insights will only install US CASS by default)
  • Canada: Forward Sortation Area data was not updated due to vendor source issue. The vendor confirmed there was no change from Q4 to Q1.


All documentation packages are included in the attached .7z archive. As a side note, our team is working on content to help customers get started with their Insights packages. If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at some of the recent articles in the Location Data Knowledge Base regarding things like installation, mapping, and many more to come! Shout out to @TravisR for his work!


Feel free to add any questions in the comments below.


Jerad Rades

Team Lead, Data Products

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


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Alteryxians :D

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If I publish analytic apps that leverage the insight data package to our server, will the server require a separate license to work?  

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@Sandhit As long as you have an Alteryx Server license and Data license installed on the server, and you have the data installed to the server, it should work. You can check your status by opening Alteryx Designer on your Server machine, and clicking on Options->Manage Licenses. If you don't have a US Business Insights license you won't be able to utilize the data on the server.