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Data Set Release Adjustment: CAPE


As of the Q4 2018 data release, Experian's CAPE offering accessed through Alteryx's Demographics Analysis toolset will move to an annual update schedule instead of semi-annual. The change was made by the vendor, whose research determined there isn't enough variance to warrant updating the Annual Update to the Thin Update (“A” to “B” in Alteryx terms).


This affects the following data sets:


  • CAPE Demographics, “Current Year Estimates” and “Five Year Projections” (CYE & FYP)
  • CAPE Seasonal Population
  • CAPE Daytime Population
  • CAPE Consumer Expenditure, CYE & FYP
  • CAPE Retail Demand & Retail Supply (Scaled)

American Community Survey, Mosaic Workplace and Mosaic Residential are already on an annual update schedule and will remain on that release cycle. However, the annual Mosaic updates will be delivered with the rest of the CAPE updates beginning with the Q2 2019 release.


This change does not affect the quarterly Alteryx Data delivery frequency to our customers, as geographies and other data sets follow their own release cycles.
We will continue to deliver Alteryx Data quarterly as the other data sets included within the offering follow their own update release cycles.

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Do you know if Experian recently updated Mosaic segments or its description? If so, are those changes reflected in Q4 2019 data release?


@mweik - Are you able to answer @nidhi_munjal 's question? 


Hi @nidhi_munjal,


The Q4 2019 data release contains a change where the address-only records (previously coded as U00) were output with a ‘null’ value.  However, the rest of the segments and descriptions should have remained the same.  There is an annual Mosaic update in the Q2 2020 update that will be released on 08/10/2020 which should include any updates to Mosaic segments or descriptions!



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Thanks, this is really helpful 🙂