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Data Products 101: Network Installation

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Data Products 101

Part 1: Installing your Data (Network & Command Line)

This article will walk through the Network data installation process and is intended for Admins. If you are looking for a guide on the standard local installation process, then check out our article on Local Data Installation.

Network Data Install (Advanced)

Considering that the entire US Business Insights bundle is around 180GB, we often have cases where a user will run out of hard drive space during the data install. If you find yourself in this boat and are on a company network, you can resolve your space issues by performing a network install with the Alteryx Data Installer.

This can also potentially save a huge amount of installation time when you have multiple users for the Data Bundle. Instead of performing this lengthy install numerous times – once for each user – you can install once and be done.

The downside to a Network Install is performance. A Local Install will almost always have better performance, as a Network Install is limited to network speeds and read/write times on your network drive.

A Network Install consists of two operations:

1. Preparing the Network Installation –contents of theAlteryx Data Install are copied to and prepared on your network location.

2. Registering the Network Installation – where each of your users navigate to the prepared network location in order to register the data sets to their machine.

To Prepare a Network Installation:

1.Follow Steps 1 – 4withinthe (Local Installation process article)[hyper-link here].

2.You should now be at the Location screen - choose ‘Prepare a Network Install’ and browse to the shared network location where you wish to install. Be sure that all users have the same configuration if you're using a mapped network drive.

At a minimum, each of your users will need read access to this location. If you plan to install CASS to this network location, then your users will also need write access to this location.

Click ‘Finish’ after selecting the network location and let the Alteryx Data Installer run.


3.Once the installation is complete, each of your users will need to register the Prepared Network Installto their computers.

ToRegister a Network Installation:

1.Each user will need to navigate to the location where you Prepared the Network Install. Once there, run‘AlteryxDataInstall.exe’and follow Steps 1 – 4 as outlined under the Local Data Install guide. On the Location screen, select ‘Register from a Network Locationand click‘Finish’.


2. The installation process should take no more than a couple minutes to copy over a handful of files to the user’s computer (sample data, etc.). Once done registering, the user can immediately start accessing the installed data in Alteryx.

Command Line Install (Advanced)

The Alteryx Data Installer also has command line operations for all of our IT users.Please refer to our Command Line documentation for more details.

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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Considering the entire Core Data Bundle is around 200gb, we often have cases where a user will run out of hard drive space during the data install.  If you find yourself in this boat and are on a company network, you can resolve your space issues by performing a network install with the Alteryx Core Data Bundle. 

To perform a network install, you will need to do two things:

  1. Copy the contents of the Core Data Bundle hard drive to a shared server location (Location A).
  2. Make a Network Install in a different location that users can point to and run the network installs from (Location B).

To make an install that users can point to:

  1. Run DataInstall.exe and select ALL datasets to install.
  2. At the next page, select Prepare a Network Install and point to a shared location on the network for your destination.
  3. Install the data. 

Suggested User Installation Instructions:

  1. From Location B, navigate to the DataInstall.exe file that was recently copied to a shared network location and run it.
  2. Select all datasets that you would like to run from the network.
  3. Select Register From a Network Location and click Finish.

Keep in mind that running any analysis from the network could potentially increase your module run time as now we are introducing a new variable in the mix (network latency).  If your primary concern is local hard disk space, this is an excellent option.

Special thanks to Maureen W. for her help with these steps, until next time!

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Once I have completed the install, how can I actually get to the data from Alteryx to use it?   is it a tool?  or do I need to bring in the file as an input?   I am looking for some "tips and tricks" for utilizing the Core Data Bundle ...Experian, TomTom distance, Census, TomTom Geocoder ...etc...


Also is the CASS data in the core data set (to parse out addresses in a single field in input data sources)?


Thank you!



Tools from the Address category will help you geocode and standardize addresses (Uses the Tom Tom and the CASS data sets)


Tools from the Demographic Analysis category will help you retrieve demographic data from the Experian and Census datasets


Use the Consumer View Matching tool to match to the Experian Household file


Use the Dun & Bradstreet Business File Matching tool to match to the Dun and Bradstreet file


The Distance, Find Nearext, Non-Overlapping Drivetime, and Trade Area tools from the Spatial tools category all have options to utilize Drivetime data as a unit of measure


For more specific questions regarding the use of these tools and the data, you'll want to ask them in the Advanced Analytics discussion area. We also have a Knowledge base for our Data Products

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Hi Tara,


Thanks for sharing the above collated links.


However, none of the links are opening for me. I am interested in accessing the knowledge base for the third party datasets, as I have license for:

Alteryx_po Designer w/ US Data w/ Scheduler


Let me know if the Data products link has been moved to a new location.



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Can we installed Data Products (CASS) on UNC configured path so that it is available to all the nodes where UNC is mapped. Please advise

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

@naleti  yes, you can.

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks for the inputs Patrick.