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ConsumerView Output Decoder Released



There are thousands of unique coded values in ConsumerView: 4,070 to be exact! It can be overwhelming to have to look them up. Fear not! The ConsumerView Output Decoder brings back the functionality of the ConsumerView Renaming Macro, but is now included with our data releases as of Q4 2019.

It decodes ConsumerView Field Values into readable values. No more will you have to search through a data dictionary to understand your data.



We listened to your feedback during development and the new tool can decode values from both the ConsumerView Household and Individual files with no configuration. The new version is over 6 times faster than the previous macro and will be updated every quarter with ConsumerView.

Using the Tool:

No configuration is required, simply drag it on to the canvas and connect your data stream with ConsumerView fields. The O output will contain the decoded value.


Be sure to use the ConsumerView Output Decoder at the very end of your analysis. Experian codes the values to reduce the size of the dataset and speed up processing. Using it early in a workflow will bloat the data in the workflow and slow down processing.

The tool is powered by the Dynamic Replace tool and the cv_key_value.yxdb in the Supporting_Macros folder relative to the macro. Dynamic Replace will return null if a value is in a field that is decoded, but not in the data stream of the R anchor. Be sure to only use this on unmodified ConsumerView fields.