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CASS Installer Message Window Issue

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


This note is to alert users of Alteryx 8.6 to 10.1 of a potential message window that may appear after updating the US and Canadian CASS engine. Subsequent to completing the CASS installation and closing the installer, some clients have reported receiving a message window stating that the program may not have been installed correctly. This message can be disregarded and will not impact dataset functionality.


The source of the problem is being identified and a fix will be included in future Alteryx software releases.


CASS Installer Message.jpg


Simply choose ‘Cancel’ to close the Program Compatibility Assistant window. Alteryx can then be opened and workflows
can be run as normal.


  • Was the installation of CASS successful?
    Yes, CASS was installed fully and all scripts have finished running.


  • Will this message impact my installation or existing workflows?
    This message is entirely cosmetic; there are no impacts to the installation or workflows.