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CAPE: Allocate Geographic Identifiers - why the asterisk next to a geography name?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Created on


When selecting Allocate's Geographic Identifiers fields, sometimes an asterisk is next to a geography name.  Why and what does it mean?


Geographic Identifiers in Allocate provide a simple relationship between geographies....usually which smaller geography is assigned to a larger geography type.

A typical use is wanting to know which DMA a ZIP Code falls within.  A user selects ZIP Codes then selects the Allocate Geographic Identifiers field of DMA Name and DMA Key and generates output.  Some DMAs display an asterisk.  An asterisk reflects the ZIP Code crosses more than a single DMA. This is a simplistic spatial relationship where only one geography will be assigned using Allocate.  The DMA with the greatest coverage area is returned and the DMA name is flagged.    See the attached FAQ for more information because you may want to use Alteryx spatial tools to return a more accurate ZIP Code-to-DMA relationship.