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Bad CASS Addresses Doubling Up on Suite

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

In a situation with a large database of thousands of records, some addresses may not be valid.  Inevitably, CASS will output the bad addresses along with the good addresses.

The issue is that certain addresses double up on the suite.  Since, in this example, the input file had address and suite in the same line the file looked similar to this:


The CASS output would actually find the suite, but not add it to the CASS_Suite output.  This normally would not be an issue, but it actually would add it to the CASS_AddressPlusSuite field, creating a file that in fact looked like the following:


This issue is inherent to the MelissaData engine which drives the CASS tool.  The best way to address the issue is to include the CASS_Results field in the output from the CASS Tool.  This will give a code that notifies the user of the CASS match level.  Good addresses will have a match level of AS01 or AS02, whereas bad addresses will have different codes.  The entire listing of all possible CASS_Results codes is available in the Help File by searching for CASS Results.  Eliminating the codes that highlight bad addresses will alleviate this issue.

7 - Meteor

Think you'll put any code around this to fix the output of the CASS_AddressPlusSuite?  I can re-build my output address using the other CASS Fields and accomplish it, it would be nice to have the tool handle it.