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Approximate Reverse Geocoding Information from Latitude and Longitude Coordinate Pairs

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Find yourself with latitude and longitude coordinate pairs for your spatial objects but not much else information on the locations? If you need more geographical information on a coordinate, try converting it into a spatial object and using the Find Nearest Tool to find coinciding Experian geographical data from an Allocate Input Tool. This can be used to reverse geocode less granular address information such as ZIP Codes, counties, states, and even approximate “places.” Just be sure to send it in with a record ID, as the Find Nearest Tool will append a row each time it finds the closest specified value for each selection:

Lat Lon 1.png

Lat Lon 2.png

Lat Lon 3.png

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Good idea. I had created the same working with the Address points in a calgary database so it can return addreses.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thanks @Simon_Lavergne! That's a great approach to it as well. To give more granular address information on coordinates when reverse geocoding, I went ahead and created a macro that connects to the Google Maps API to find the locations in their geodata. It does traditional geocoding as well (with zip+4 where applicable)! It's posted to the Alteryx Gallery here:



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
8 - Asteroid

Good example and help but  It gives me an error on the allocate Input  :

Error: Allocate Input (27): No dataset has been selected.
End: Designer x64: Finished running Lat Lon to Zip Example.yxmd in 0.2 seconds with 1 error


Can you help how to resolve it?


In Addition, How I can get the Zip and convert it into a string and store it on the Table?

8 - Asteroid

Hi @MattD  Thank you for your post but the data is not available with your solution, could you post it here?