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Allocate: are there descriptions for "Units?"

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Under the Units field in the Basic Variables documentation, most of the units per variable are pretty straight forward, but there are some that have “64” or “_32” after the unit designator for example. Is there documentation with an explanation?


This is from the Allocate Help:

Units- The Units drop down allows you to control how the values for your new variable will be displayed when you output them.Acceptable Unit options include Dollars, Integers, and Percentages.

UnitsDescriptionFractional or Whole No.
Dollars in (000's)Dollars already divided by $1,000Whole
Dollars Round 1,000Dollars that will be rounded for storage to $1,000.Whole
Dollars64Numbers up to 2 to the 64th power (values will be displayed w/'$')Whole
Dollars2_64Same as above, but with change (values will be displayed w/'$')Fractional
Fixed1_32Numbers up to 232/2 , 1 decimal placeFractional
Fixed2_32Numbers up to 232/2 , 2 decimal placesFractional
Fixed3_32Numbers up to 232/2 , 3 decimal placesFractional
Fixed4_32Numbers up to 232/2 , 4 decimal placesFractional
Fixed5_32Numbers up to 232/2 , 5 decimal placesFractional
Fixed6_32Numbers up to 232/2 , 6 decimal placesFractional
Fixed2_64Numbers up to 264/2 , 1 decimal placeFractional
Fixed4_64Numbers up to 264/4, 2 decimal placesFractional
Fixed6_64Numbers up to264/6 , 3 decimal placesFractional
HouseholdsNumber of householdsWhole
IndexIndexed value.Indexed value.Whole
Integer64Numbers up to 264Whole
PersonsAverage number of people (2.42 children)Fractional with 2 decimal places
Physical2Square miles. 2 digits of precision.Fractional with 2 decimal places
PopulationNumber of people.Whole

Round 10Input number magnitude may exceed MAX_LONG. Input will be rounded to nearest 10. Handles numbers up to up to 20 billion. On retrieval will have a zero in the 10's place. Allocate stores all input numbers as long, so we need to lose a place of accuracy to store numbers greater than MAX_LONG (2 billion).Whole, rounded to 10's
Round 100Same as Round 10, handles numbers to 200 billion and rounds last two digits to zeroWhole, rounded to 100's
Round 1,000Same as Round 10, handles numbers to 2,000 billion and rounds last three digits to zeroWhole, rounded to 1,000's
Round 10,000Same as Round 10, handles numbers to 20,000 billion and rounds last four digits to zero.Whole, rounded to 10,000's
String TextStrings smaller than 256 characters

YearsYears, ex. Age.Whole
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