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Data methodologies, and Release schedules.

2019 Data Release Schedule


Hi folks,


The remaining 2019 Insights and CASS release schedule is as follows...




And here is the CASS schedule for the remainder of the year...






Jerad Rades

Team Lead, Data Products

7 - Meteor

Just a note, you may want to sync your dates on the Data Packages page.


I went into download the latest CASS package the other day, when the new version CASS banner popped up in Alterx, and the Data Package New Version tab shows the Date Available of "Apr 19, 2019".


So I thought, OK maybe the download site haven't caught up yet with the new release and I'll wait a few days.


I go to the download site again today and it still show the April date on the main tab. So just by chance I decide to click on the file link and
the Files Tab page that does come up shows the downloadable files are actually the latest June releases.


I know this may seem like minor thing, but the main page date is confusing. It appeared to me at least that the latest version
was not yet released.


Because when you are downloading 1.5GB files you want to make sure it is the correct version.




Hi @keith_ivanchan,


Thank you for making us aware of this recently. We updated the "Data Available" value of the CASS data on downloads.alteryx.com


The Q3 CASS data release is delayed until 10/25/2019. The data vendor did not provide the data on the expected day of delivery. 

8 - Asteroid

If the CASS Download does not show under Data Packages New Versions & the previous versions is grayed out, would that mean that our enterprise does not have access to this?


datadownload (2).png



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @No-Sass 


Based on your screenshot it looks like you don't have a US or Canada Location Insights/Business Insights license activated. If you believe this is an error then please reach out to fulfillment@alteryx.com for licensing support