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Lunch and Learn Series - EMEA


Welcome to the Alteryx Lunch & Learn Series for EMEA!

These sessions are perfect for Alteryx data analysts to experience the thrill self-service data analytics. Before you get started with this series, make sure you have Alteryx installed or download the Alteryx trial. Also, sign up for the Alteryx Community to collaborate with peers, gain insights from Alteryx experts, and find answers to all your Alteryx questions. 

Each week, you will have the opportunity to follow along as we work with the Alteryx designer. Prior to each session, make sure you visit the community at the links below to download the data that will be used in the session. If you missed a session or would like to revisit a prior session, all recordings will be available here as well.


Intermediate Series

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This 4-week series is perfect for those who are already familiar with Alteryx and are looking to expand their capabilities. In this series, you’ll learn advanced data analytics including the predictive and spatial tools, additional best practices in parsing your data with Alteryx, and learn how the Alteryx server can help you scale your analytics.






Introduction to Predictive Analytics

Alteryx provides several tools to help support your predictive analytics process. This session covers the tools to assist you in understanding the story of your data, deciding what data to use in your predictive modelling, and perform some simple predictive modelling techniques. 

12 July 2017

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Parsing for Intermediate users

Take the next step with Alteryx and learn how to use some of our favourite tools for preparing and blending challenging data sources: Text to Columns, Dynamic Rename, and Multi-Row Formula. 

19 July 2017

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Spatial Analytics in Alteryx

Better understand how location and demographics play into your organization’s performance. Learn to leverage third-party datasets including TomTom and Experian to enrich your internal datasets. 

26 July 2017

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Alteryx Platform & Introduction to Apps

See how the Alteryx Platform offers multiple ways to scale your enterprise analytics and offload data intensive processes to a scalable, reliable server architecture. Learn how to develop simple applications to share with your end users.

2 August 2017

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Is it possible to include with the on-demand video recording the files they use for us to follow along? The Introduction to Predictive Analytics does not have the RestaurantExpenditure.yxdb that the speaker uses. 


Thank you


Hi Elizabeth,


You can access the data from the post here


Thank you