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Vacancies at companies using Alteryx or outsourced Alteryx work

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I have recently moved from London where I had several years of Alteryx experience and I am job hunting. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts about how to identify companies who are recruiting for team members with Alteryx experience within Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire?


This community is excellent for asking questions/solving problems and gaining certification but I can't identify any vacancies at companies who use Alteryx in Yorkshire (Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and surrounding areas). I have only found 2 job specs for companies who use or even mention Alteryx. Is it possible to share which companies use Alteryx within Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire and do companies post vacancies for Alteryx jobs in this community/group? Are there any F2F meet ups locally (or virtual meet ups more recently)?


Many thanks for any suggestions/advice and tips,


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<p>Hi Nicola</p>
<p>There are few companies like:</p>
<p>Accenture,KPMG,FJR Group,BigHand</p>
<p>Wish you good luck!</p>

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi Nicola and others 🙂


An old client of mine Arco (based in Hull) have an open role for an Alteryx Developer...


They have a great team of users the full platform, so it's worth checking out: https://www.networxrecruitment.com/Jobs/Feed?key=L3XkzOKlnRzYmAjoOr4Fxly8jUQDj2D4w3nXGZHTWVE%3d





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