Leeds, UK

2020 Q2 User Group Meeting Recap

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone!  Hope you are all safe and well.


The Q2 2020 meeting was our first hosted virtually and it was amazing that we were able to host it as part the Leeds Digital Festival.  Apart from an untimely wobble at the start with my internet connection, it was another great meeting!


If you couldn't make the meeting, we did record the session and here's a quick recap of the session:



Sandeep Kang kicked us off with a platform demo using the HMRC Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme.  We saw how multiple data sets were joined, filters and calculations applied before being formatted in to reports for HMRC.


Alteryx News!  There were plenty of updates and some demos of the new features and events in the Alteryx User Groups (see links we discussed below).  Lots of support is out there to help people during the corona virus pandemic


Tony Preece (@tonyp) then shared his amazing journey within HSBC/First Direct as he tried to modernise MI and analytics using an easy to learn tool, cost effective tool.  Using the Alteryx free trial, Tony got started learning and set himself the goal of passing the Designer Core exam in just 4 weeks!  Following further roll-out, there are now over 1000 Alteryx users across the global business.


@HeatherHarris then gave us a fantastic insight on the road-map to modernise your analytics strategy with the Alteryx analytics platform at the core.  Focusing on the people, we heard about the different Citizen Data Scientist roles and how Alteryx allows them to collaborate and learn from each other, making it a team sport!


I talked through the Asda journey from Excel and Access databases to enabling enterprise-wide self-serve analytics that empowers colleagues across the business, with an overview of the current IT landscape around our Alteryx server. After this I spoke a little about the Community and Engagement within Asda using platforms such as Workplace, SharePoint and our internal Analytics Network Group.


@rafalolbert wrapped things up with a couple of complex use cases that have delivered massive benefits to Asda's eCommerce business.  His first covered how Alteryx is being used as an orchestration tool for eCommerce media management, leading to considerable time savings, an increase in his team's capacity and thus more time to innovate!  Rafal's second use case talked about the 'Customer to Engineer' project to derive insight and act upon customer feedback in real time using machine learning.  Here Alteryx drives the automation of initial data collection and later the support requests to engineers, with a machine learning process in-between.  Alteryx server paved the way from running the process manually each week-day to automated hourly runs 24/7!


Big thank you again to our amazing speakers, to those who joined and to everyone who got involved to ask questions!!

If you did have any further questions, please post them in the comments and we will try to answer them for you.


We are now looking volunteers to present in the next meeting on Thursday 23rd July.

Please reach out to one of the group leaders if you you'd like to share a use case.  Whether you're brand new to Alteryx, or you're an experienced user, or maybe you have a problem you would like the group's support with, we would love to hear about your analytics adventure!



Here are the links that we mentioned from the Alteryx updates:


Take it easy!