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New Course: Time Series Forecasting

Check out our four new lessons in the Data Science Learning Path that will help you stay entertained and learn some new skills while you're stuck at home!

Data Science Learning Path
Because of the divergent nature of learning paths and value knowledge on a need-to-know basis, we have removed overall path progression progress bars to reflect this behavior.
Turn up the volume on your learning! With this prescriptive curriculum, you'll learn the fundamentals of working in Designer. 
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Estimated Time: 120 Min
Take the first steps to becoming a Citizen Data Scientist with this Data Science Learning path.
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Unlock the value hidden in your data with the Intelligence Suite, including the Machine Learning and Text Mining tool palettes.
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Explore the configuration and administration of the Alteryx Server to unleash  your analysts to perform analytics at scale!  
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Get to know the latest platform built to meet your asset management, automation, sharing, collaboration, and security needs.
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