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May 30 | User Group Recap

5 - Atom

A big thanks to everyone who came out today! It was great to hear all your thoughts and uses for Alteryx. As promised in my nervous, stumbling use case, I found the documentation methods I referenced in my workflow. https://www.theinformationlab.co.uk/2019/02/14/documentation-best-practices-with-alteryx/

5 - Atom
Again, a big thanks to everyone who came out today!
Here is the recap of what we covered and other information
Weekly Challenge:
Michael from Ivy Investments walked us through community challenge 102. If you would like to attempt it yourself, you can use find it here.
Inspire - Know Before You Go:
Samantha and Michael gave a brief overview of what to expect at Inspire this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville
Use Case:
Samantha and I demonstrated a workflow used to relate web quote form data with backend agent entered data. We talked through the problems
with the cardinality or the relationships and how we handled it. I demonstrated the workflow documentation style I have been using.
5 - Atom

Thanks! What was that command you used to move something one pixel at a time? I didn't write it down because I was so sure I'd remember!

5 - Atom

Ctrl + arrow key to move things by one pixel. There's a great list of some other keyboard shortcuts you can check out here. Hope it helps!